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My Bamberg University landeskunde course is here.

I've had to remove the pictures from the main web page. If you want to see our family pictures, send me an email stating your name and, if you aren't a friend or relative, your reasons for gaining access to the pages that have gone private.

The Weavers' Webpage

www.weaverweb.de | Bamberg, Germany

Welcome to our family website

The Latest: The Sally Gallery

Click any of these pictures to see The Sally Gallery,
a chronological review of our dog's first seven years.

Hölker-Camp 2008: Click any of these pictures to see our family gathering in Rosenthal in June 2008.

Easter 2008 Part I:
Woods & Beach

Easter 2008 Part II:
Town & Harbor

Two photo galleries show our Easter 2008 vacation with Andrea, Emma and Lea.
Click on any of the pictures to go to the galleries. These Adobe Flash presentations download 2.6 to
3.3 MB of JPEG files, so please give it a little time to start up. I used my Konica-Minolta digital SLR
and a 35-105mm Minolta lens (100-200mm for the long shots). I also shot and processed many
of the pictures in RAW format for the first time, an enjoyable if time-consuming experiment.

Visiting Katja and Stephan in their Düsseldorf suburb in March 2008.
Click on any of the pictures to go to the photo gallery.

Picture: Christmas 2007
Our 2007 Christmas: If you click this picture, you'll get to watch a slide show in Shockwave Flash:
Christmas day with Andrea, Max, Emma and Lea; Lea's birthday on 26 Dec: opening more presents,
skating at the Bonn ice-skating rink, and a visit with Stephan, Katja, Luca and Joshua;
walking around Bad Godesberg and shopping a day or two later; and visiting Cologne:
the chocolate factory and the cathedral. These are my first pictures taken with a Konica
Minolta digital SLR camera (bought used just recently). 2.79 MB Shockwave Flash file.

Here are three sets of family pictures posted in July 2007:

Slide Show #1: Click any of these pictures for our Easter 2007 weekend in Bonn with action shots of kids and a dog.

Slide Show #2: In Bamberg (June 2007): pictures of granddaughters Lea and Emma quietly making jewelry.

Slide Show #3: Here is our trip to Munich in July 2007, when we visited Stephan, Katja and 3-year-old Luca.

More family pictures: Click any of these pictures for our Christmas 2006 photo gallery.

Here are a few older sets of family pictures:

Our grandson Luca and son Stephan visiting us (December 2006).

Our granddaughter Lea visiting us (Summer 2006).

A strange encounter in the "Rheinaue" park (Summer 2006).
This set was made a few weeks after Lea's visit to let our grandchildren know what was going on.

Family pictures, Summer 2005.

Group photo -- JPEG loading . . .

Our valient attempt to get everybody into one picture (Christmas 2005).

Where we live -- JPEG loading . . .

And this was home (until Aug. 2008): Our Bonn apartment was in the building straight ahead.

We hope you enjoy the pictures.

Our other website: ruegendays.de
Featuring our rental vacation home on the Baltic island of Ruegen.

A few local pictures from 2006:

Picture: Blossoms

Picture: Blossoms

A rose (and plum blossoms) in December: The warm weather last fall fooled nature.
We had spring blossoms just beyond our front door (10 Dec. 2006).
P.S. It's not actually a rose, it's a ???. (Send me your answers!)

Picture: Blossoms
Cherry blossoms in the woods above the Rhine just outside our apartment building (April 1, 2007).

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